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My Dress Shopping Experience

Where do I even begin? Charlotte, NC is full of wonderful bridal shops and boutiques, each unique to their target bride. I personally wanted to share my experience, tips, and spots, where shopping was a memorable and special! 

Poffie Girls

Ok, if you are from the Charlotte area, you've probably heard of Poffie Girls of Gastonia. Who knows? You may have purchased your prom dress from there! Well I had never shopped for myself at Poffie Girls prior to purchasing my wedding dress. Fortunately, I had been numerous of times to help shop for my friends for prom and bridesmaid dresses.


So fast forward a few years from prom dress shopping... I found myself back at this wonderful, local boutique. I remembered the bridal section of the store and thought to myself  "one day I'll buy a wedding dress from this place".


Well, the day to start wedding dress shopping came! I had already visited one other bridal boutique in Charlotte but I didn't seem to find "the one". I remembered about Poffie Girls and quickly made myself a bridal consultation appointment. From the moment I booked my appointment, I was truly blown away. When I say I felt like royalty and special, I mean it.  My bridal consultant, Becca, was such an expert and gave meaningful feedback about the style, gowns, and overall look I was wanting. After only trying on three dresses this day, I found the "one". I didn't want to take it off.  I had never felt more beautiful than the day I met her, my dress. I literally walked around the entire boutique just staring at myself in this amazing, piece of art, dress.


My designer was Stella York, which I have always been a fan of her work. The style was a fit-and-flare with lace, and the color was Ivory-Moscato. Yes, I didn't wear a white dress, and that's ok.  The fit-and-flare look complimented my body since I'm pretty curvy. And if there's one piece of advice I can share with my Brides, it's this... find a dress that best suits YOU. You want to find a dress that will compliment you.  With that being said, be open-minded and trust the bridal consultants. They are the experts and deal with this kind of work, every day. The best thing I did was trust mine!

So, I said yes to my dress and my mother purchased the dress for me. This process was the easiest dress purchase ever! So not only was my dress such a reasonable price but it was customized for me and was shipped from Australia within 5 months from purchase! Y'all that is huge! Most boutiques take 6-8 months for dresses to come in, this is without alterations.  My mom and I were so pleased that day... I was SO happy to have made the decision to visit Poffie Girls. 

Brides, visit Poffie Girls for you, your maids, and the mothers. They have everything you can think you! Let them know I sent you, too. 



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