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About ACE + Company


Amanda Caputo

Founder + Principal Designer

I"m your go-to-planner/designer/conscious/coffee and/or margaritas date/ hype-woman!


More about me:

- Enneagram 8

- Bilingual in Spanish 

- Born + Raised in Miami, FL

- Chi Omega (Delta Kappa Chapter)

So what's the scoop on ACE + Company?

Let's kick it back to early 2019...


I was a recent newly-wed, aspiring to help others I knew, on how to plan their wedding. Something sparked for me after my wedding and I was eager to offer something with such a great need in the Charlotte area! So what was it? A "bride turned expert" in wedding planning and coordination service!

You see, I had just planned my wedding, was focusing on growing my career in healthcare, starting graduate school online, but there was something missing. Something that I've been yearning to do and aim for, but just didn't know how.


Fast forward to April 2019, and a few certifications later, ACE was born (can you guess what ACE stands for? If you guess right, coffee on me!)

I launched my then tiny but mighty event planning business to help couples in the Charlotte area plan and coordinate their weddings. I was currently working in non-profit management for a local non-profit and I knew that event planning was always my calling, but I had found my niche in wedding planning! 

Since 2019, ACE has been a thriving, hispanic woman-owned, boss-babe company that has served 130+ clients across the Southeast. My passion for event planning and coordination has only flourished and grown as I have evolved personally and professionally within my passion! 

I"m so excited to continue serving the local Charlotte area and beyond!

When I'm not coordinating a killer event/wedding, you may find me traveling somewhere tropical, hanging with my hubby, baby girl, and pup, or at Target with a Starbucks in hand shopping for anything that screams home decor!

Enough about me... let's hear from you!

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Our Mission

Our Purpose

We see it as a privilege to work on your one, very special day.

That’s why our boutique-style team engages

only a limited number of weddings & events per year.

We spend hundreds of hours conceptualizing, planning, and producing every last detail of your wedding weekend – all according to the rules for entertaining that we’ve refined and perfected over the past five years. The beauty of only taking on a handful of events is that we have time to form a more personal connection with you.

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