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Listen Up, Maids!

Some brides have asked me what they should be expecting out of their bridesmaids…and I have a few things on my list. I’m just going to share the bare minimum so brides don’t get their hopes up just in case they have less engaging bridesmaids.

Being a bridesmaid is an imperative part of any wedding, right? You get to stand next to your bride on her day and be in almost every picture possible! I know some of you are either new to being one or perhaps a pro-maid by now. BUT, just know that your bride has expectations. Once your bride has asked you to join her tribe, there are some commitments that come with it.


Be committed and be prepared to pay for things

Yay! So, you made the cut as a bridal party member… now what?! Well, first off, you will acquire some expenses, but not right away. You’ll primarily cover your day of wedding costs, such as: dress, shoes, accessories, and hair/makeup. But, who knows? Maybe your bride will cover some of those costs, but understand there is no expectation for her to cover these costs for you! For my own maids, I purchased the jewelry they wore on my wedding day; so brides, a little something can make a difference and make your maids feel appreciated.

Be a trusted friend to your bride

So what does a trusted friend mean? This can be tricky. If your bride asks for your opinion, share it. Don’t tell her what she wants to hear, tell her the truth but be nice about it and please don’t make it seem as if she’s making the worst decision of her life, either.  Now, if you decide to share your opinion when it’s not welcomed, this may lead to drama (insert eye roll emoji). Also, if she expects you to be somewhere with her or assist with wedding-related decisions, BE THERE FOR HER! NO SLACKING ALLOWED!

Take on wedding-related tasks

Ok, this is huge! Offer help to your bride. She might need it when she least expects it. If you know she’s overwhelmed, help out. Who knows… one day she’ll wake up and the last thing she wants to do is run an errand for her wedding, but you offered her assistance. Any little bit counts… if you’re not sure how to ask, you can start by asking, “What can I help you with?”.

Plan a kick-ass bachelorette and bridal shower

If you like to party or event plan, volunteer to lead the planning for these two celebrations! You all can work together to make this happen for your bride. All a bride wants is to have a memorable experience with her bride tribe. Don’t leave her in the dark either on your plans for these events. Ask what her wishes are for these events! If you are on a budget, Pinterest will become your best friend. Be creative and everyone must pitch in. This is a TEAM EFFORT!

Be on hand the day of the wedding

This is an obvious one. This is THE BIG DAY! Don’t leave your bride hanging… if she needs something, she will come find you and expect you to do whatever she tells you. You will need to be there to assist with bathroom visits and if she needs a quick tequila shot from the bar, you will run as fast as you can and bring it back to her! This is HER day, not yours! Hopefully your bride isn’t so demanding, and you get to enjoy the reception. But if she needs you, YOU BETTER BE THERE. PERIOD.

Some, if not all, of these expectations might sound like common sense, but please note that you and your bride just want a smooth and memorable experience. She chose YOU for a reason. Be there for her. Be the bridesmaid you’d want to have on YOUR big day. You are an important person to your bride, so do not disappoint her. Being a bridesmaid is so much fun and it will go by super-fast, so make the most out of it and enjoy every second while popping champagne!


Happy Planning, Maids! 



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